• ​Did you know you have 100 Chakras? 
  • ​Yes! You have 7 Primary Chakras, but did you know you have 100 Chakras?
  • ​Did you know that negative energy can block your 100 chakras?
Yes I want to receive the 100 Chakra Book
(softcopy with over 50 illustrations)
And the self-healing program for $44.
The 100 Chakra Book gives you new information on the Chakra System
  • ​Activate your Higher Chakras and the Ascending Chakras.
  • ​Clear your Energy Body and Lightbody.
  • Work with your Angelic Team for the purposes of Energy Healing.
  • ​Understand Negative Energies that can get into the 100 Chakra System.
This Allows you to Achieve
  • ​Loving Yourself First, Stop Depleting your Energy.
  • ​Attract Positive Relationships.
  • Release Negative Energy and Balance Mood Swings.
  • ​Balance your Work and Home Life.
  • ​Manifest your Dreams.
  • ​Develop Psychic Skills.
  • ​Become the Powerful and Confident Healer.
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